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Bob FM


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Cover Artwork

Cover Artwork.

This selection is just a very emotional expression of a personal feeling. Thanx to Bob FM for her wonderful voice, support and for posing for the artwork. She did a wonderful job, with her sexy voice but I’m sorry for the people that can’t understand her notable freaky words, cuz she presents here a speech in Italian. This mix features a track from the last stunning full album by System of Survival, D-Votion, and I have to say thanks to these diamonds, as artists and as friends. I want to give my thanks also to all the people that are goin’ to take some of their time to listen to this release. Hope you and enjoy and have a nice trip.


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Attila all’ultimo anno di asilo.
Grazie a Vittoria Broggini per questa foto.

“Fa ciò che vuoi sarà tutta la legge.” – A. Crowely

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Jesus prêt-à-porter (Miriam Broggini)


Questa immagine è uno scatto originale della mia amica fotografa Miriam Broggini. Il titolo invece è opera di Vittoria Broggini. Non ho fatto niente, lo giuro.

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